Winterizing Your RV

By · October 31, 2011 · Filed in RV Maintenance, RV Tips

The smoldering heat of the summer months has given way to the cool breezes of the fall season, which means that the snowy cold of winter is right around the corner. Despite ushering in the season of hot chocolate, turkey, and tinsel, the cold dark of winter can be harsh and unforgiving for an RV, that is, unless you winterize it.

There are a number of RV winterizing parts available on the market. Such things as freezing in the water lines and tank can cause serious damage to your RV, and can be very expensive to repair. Don’t fret, however, because we have a few steps that you can take to protect your RV.

First off, you need to drain your water tank and hot water heater. Then, dump and flush the grey and black water holding tanks, and leave the grey water tank valve open. Next, either bypass the hot water heater with a hot water heater bypass kit, or join the two water lines connecting to the water heater to bypass it.

Now, take a break. Grab a cup of coffee, sit down, and relax. Take this break time to go grab a friend to help you finish the job, if you are going it alone.

Use a compressed air adaptor to blow out the air in the lines. With help, open up each tap, and don’t forget about the shower and toilet. Insert the RV antifreeze tubing or the intake hose into a jug of RV antifreeze, and then start the fresh water pump. Start with the farthest tap, and open each one up until it turns red, and once the water changes color, shut the faucet. Pour antifreeze down the toilet and every drain.

Remove the batteries, and put them in a warm place where they will be safe from freezing. Remove all food items from the RV so you don’t attract any unwanted guests in the off-season, and leave out some rodent killer, just in case.

Hopefully, with our tips, you can save yourself some time and heartache this fall when it comes to RV winterizing. Good luck!